About Us

The ruddy arid hills of Manchester, central Jamaica can be fickle but ultimately rewarding. In that capricious soil, grows a certain variety of lemongrass, Cymbopogon Flexuosus, which, aftera careful journey, arrives in the elegantly package that we call House of Nature.

House of Nature is the newly created brand of the mother company, Country House Products. The latter’s story began formerly in 2005 when serial entrepreneur, Professor Harvey L. Reid, received a grant from the Jamaica Bureau of Standards for research and development concerning this “wonder grass”. As a son of the soil, Prof, Reid chose to locate his primary operation in the Warwick District of his birth, the heart of lemongrass country.

From that initial “infusion” and working closely with the Scientific Research Council (SC), Professor Reid nurtured and developed the Country House line to optimally exploit the aromatherapy and other therapeutic benefits of lemongrass. The Country House legend was further expanded in 2009, with the establishment of a “Solar” Drying Facility, facilitated by a grant from the EU-GOJ Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP). Thus the heady but invigorating tea arose, soon to be complemented by a delightfully refreshing drink.

Today, the Country House line encompasses a range of elegant bath and personal care products, all made from 100% essential oil of Jamaican lemongrass, available at fine retailers island wide. In preparation for the overseas market, our range of lemongrass products have been repackaged to further enhanced the global appeal under thenew brand, HOUSE OF NATURE.

Contact us by email: countryhouseproducts@yahoo.com