What Our Customers Say

"I have been stocking 'Country House Products' in my Flowers Shop at Southfield for over a year now, and I also use these items at home. I find the products quite unique, a very fresh smell of lemon grass. The Body Wash, Body Spritz (Essence) and the Hand Wash are very invigorating and leaves a soft, smooth, clean and fresh feeling. The Body Lotion is beautiful, with a long lasting natural fragrance, good moisture and nice texture. I also use the Lotion on my face; it's very good for rashes, dryness and wrinkles.
...this is a wonderful product and I look forward to selling more of 'Country House Products'. ...I feel in the future lemon grass will be a household name."
Esmena Stewart (Mrs)

"I have suffered with the discomfort of swelling in my legs during prolonged sitting at my desk. I was introduced to the Country House Products Lemon Grass Tea by Prof. Harvey Reid and after drinking it for a week I noticed that I no longer felt the discomfort. The tea has wonderful healing properties that have helped to significantly reduce the fluid that normally collected in my legs."
Rebecca McLean
Author – There's a Hole in the Bucket, Jamaican Cooking with Jamaican Talk

"I am a medical doctor in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, who was introduced to Country House Products Lemongrass Body Lotion by a colleague who commented on the recurring skin rashes on my face. She told me that she believed that the lotion would heal the rashes. I used it and within two days the rashes were gone. It has been more than two month since I've used the product and the rashes have not returned."
Anthony O. Oloni, MD, MPH

I can truthfully and honestly say my skin has been renewed, revitalised within weeks of using Country House Lemon Grass body lotion.
I have said goodbye to problem skin forever, hair folicles that were continually getting blocked are a thing of the past, rough dried skin has been banished, this now feels like silk and is spot and blemish free. This  lotion,  makes my skin glow without that greasy sticky look and feel.  As this product has natural anti-fungal, anti-microbial properties my skin will be rejoicing forever now that I have found a lotion that feeds and take care of it as nature intended.
I am so delighted with the results,  I am now using Lemon Grass Shampoo and Conditioner for my hair to have the  whole body rejuvenation experience, and caresses myself from head to toe.
Ms. W. J. Knight (St. Elizabeth)

"My name is Ruby and I would love to share my testimonial on the use of lemon grass cosmetics, also called Fever Grass.
I have used this product ever since its inception, and find it to be very satisfactory on my body, my hair is softer and healthier, my skin is smooth with a glow, using both lotion and body wash, and a cup of the Tea is refreshing. The (Lemon Grass)Drink is cooling on any time of the day.
I can fully recommend this (these) products made by Country House, to any age group anywhere in the world, just start right now and feel the difference on your entire body."
Ruby Lee

"Dear Professor Reid
The Country House products are very special for me.  I frequently use the body lotion.  I just love the rich moisture and it works well for my sensitive skin.  Its antifungal and antiseptic properties make me enjoy the use of this product even more.  I look forward to utilize the other line of product more frequently especially, the shampoo for my itchy scalp."

Yvonne Bailey, 
Satisfied consumer